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Victoria Rosas

Victoria has been with us a little under a year, and we love her enthusiasm and love for all things self-care. Victoria is a team player, and one of her biggest attributes is her open and honest communication. 

Meet Our Pocono Technician

Hey everyone, I'm Victoria! I’m a cleaning technician at Hocus Pocus Cleaning Services, with one year of experience here, as well as previous experiences with other cleaning companies. Additionally, I am the proud owner of Roses Esthetics, where I've been a licensed esthetician for eight years, having established my business in 2023. Despite transitioning to a brick-and-mortar setup, I continue to work with Hocus Pocus Cleaning and love the team we have. Being here and apart of their team brings me immense joy, and I appreciate the unique balance I find as both an esthetician and a cleaning technician- which together contribute to the silver lining in your self-care routine.

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

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