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Additional Services

On top of your maintenance services, Hocus Pocus also provides services for those icky tasks you've been meaning to cross off of your to-do list since last year.

Kitchen Appliances

Over time, food and liquids inevitably spill inside the fridge and oven. It’s important to keep up on regular cleaning to ensure you always have a clean place to store and cook food. Our team provides professional appliance cleaning for several different types of kitchen appliances.

Grout Cleaning

We will clean your tile and grout and make it look like it was just freshly laid! The old days of mops and toothbrushes are gone forever. Our cleaning process flushes out more dirt than a mop and bucket ever could. 

Washing Dishes

There are a few things more annoying than coming home to leftover dishes from the previous meal. You have enough to do, including making tonight’s meal! What if you could come home to a clean home and an empty sink?

Hard Water Stains

Got some tough hard water stains that won't budge? We'll professionally and safely remove stubborn hard water stains and hard water spots from your shower doors and sinks!

Trash Removal

The worst chore of them all, right? Hocus Pocus Cleaning Services relieves you of all the cleaning chores you can think of - including trash removal!


No, window cleaning is not rocket science, but Hocus Pocus Cleaning has certainly made it one by knowing what level of detail our customers demand and what sort of burden it can alleviate when it comes to clearing up their view.

Interior windows & sills only.

Deep Floor Service

Carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl? We have the proper equipment to deep scrub, polish, or brighten your existing floors! Our team is highly skilled in making them appear brand new!

Stainless Steel Scratch Repair

Scratched stainless steel appliances don’t make anyone happy. Deep grooves on metal can be a safety risk for cuts, and also harboring germs. Working with grain and a range of non-abrasive tools and materials, we can make damaged stainless steel look new!

Consultation required. Removal on a case-by-case basis.

Changing Linens

Starting the day in a clean bed and clean, fresh clothes gives you a natural boost in confidence for the day! Is there a better feeling?

Baseboard Revitalization

Baseboards scrubbing is a tedious and back-breaking task that will leave you questioning the purpose of life itself. Luckily, our team is highly trained in removing the build-up (and keeping you from repainting the entire home).

What Our Clients Say

"Very pleased with the cleaning services from Hocus Pocus. Kat is hard working, professional, and makes the house look great!"

-Linda H.

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