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The Magical Tale of Hocus Pocus Cleaning

In 2016, Rosie Selvaggio (our founder) was a young mom pursuing a degree to become a mental health therapist- while serving tables by night. She had very little flexibility to spend time with her 4-year-old daughter, or do things she enjoyed. Cleaning became a source of peace for her, as she had grown up helping her mother and grandmother with various household chores (think wiping windowsills with paper towels, those bright red 90’s Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners, and scrubbing kitchen floors with PineSol).


In 2013, she was hired by a number of local contractors to provide post-construction cleaning services, and considered this “side hustle” enough to register as an official business. Rosie started Hocus Pocus Cleaning to support herself through school- the only goal for the business was to make it to the end of grad school in 2020. Despite initial challenges (there’s been many), she learned from failures (and lots of refunds)- she eventually grew the business.


When COVID happened in 2020, Hocus Pocus Cleaning faced a lot of uncertainty, but experienced a huge surge in new clients that summer. Rosie had the choice of shutting down as she finished her Master’s Degree at Marywood University, but took the leap to where the company is now.


Today, Hocus Pocus Cleaning has won multiple awards, employs over 20 amazing employees, and serves over 260 recurring clients. Rosie is no longer performing the cleaning services, but focuses on leading and supporting her ever-growing team. In her spare time, she coaches other cleaning business owners nationally with Core Profit Builders, and she practices mental health therapy part-time as a licensed social worker (LSW). Hocus Pocus Cleaning values a positive work-life balance, continuing education, and prioritizing mental health- which all makes a favorable impact on our community.


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