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How it Works:

  1. Enter pertinent details regarding your home or office on our online estimate form.

  2. Our administrative team follows up and creates a customized plan for a specified and amicable date and time.

  3. Review, sign, and provide a credit or debit card to approve the formal quote, terms, and line items.

  4. Relax & let us do the dirty work!

  5. Schedule recurring cleaning service at a frequency of weekly, biweekly, or monthly!

Initial Cleaning Service

The transformative power of an initial deep cleaning: Our skilled Deep Clean Specialist (DCS) Team will leave no corner untouched, ensuring your space is fresh, spotless, and ready to be enjoyed.Trust our specialized team to deliver exceptional results and exceed your expectations.

Image by Sidekix Media


  • Cobwebs & air vents

  • Light fixtures & ceiling fans

  • Degrease kitchen cabinets & backsplash

  • Disinfect surfaces

  • Wipe tabletop appliances

  • Clean exterior major appliances

  • Dust woodwork

  • Disinfect/polish sink

  • Polish kitchen hardware

  • Sweep & mop

Image by Taylor Beach


  • Cobwebs/air vents

  • Light fixtures

  • Mirrors

  • Dust woodwork (sills, baseboards, door frames)

  • Disinfect light switch plates

  • Sanitize interior/exterior toilet

  • Sanitize vanity

  • Polish hardware (faucets, towel racks)

  • Remove soap scum, mold, or mildew from tub/shower

  • Sweep/mop floors 

Image by Michiel Annaert

Common Area

  • Cobwebs, air vents

  • Dust light fixtures & ceiling fans

  • Disinfect light switches & doorknobs

  • Dust Knick-knacks

  • Dust & polish furniture

  • Dust woodwork

  • Vacuum & mop

Recurring Maintenance Services

Elevate your space with our reliable recurring service. Our dedicated team will maintain a consistently clean and inviting environment, tailored to your unique preferences. Experience the convenience of regular cleaning services, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Image by Collov Home Design


  • Disinfect & Polish Surfaces, Door Knobs, & Light Switches

  • Clean Exterior Major Appliances & Tabletop Appliances

  • Spot Clean Exterior Cabinet Faces

  • Scrub and Polish Sink

  • Vacuum & Mop Floor

Image by 99.films


  • Soak & Scrub Toilets, Showers, and Tub

  • Dust/Wipe Woodwork, Vanity & Hardware

  • Clean Glass/Mirrors

  • Scrub Sink

  • Vacuum & Mop

Image by Claire Rendall

Common Area

  • Dust & Polish Knickknacks & Furniture

  • Clean Glass/Mirrors

  • Vacuum & Mop Floors

One Time Cleaning Services

Let us take care of your cleaning needs with our efficient and thorough one-time cleaning service. Our skilled team will tackle the dirt and grime, leaving your space sparkling clean and refreshed. Whether you’re moving, completing renovations, or hosting a special occasion, we guarantee exceptional results.

Image by Michal Balog

Move In, Move Out

Moving in or out of a home can be a real hassle, let us do the dirty work for you! Whether you're a property owner preparing your space for buyers, or you're renting with hopes of getting a deposit returned, ensuring a home or apartment receives a top to bottom cleaning is imperative!

Image by immo RENOVATION

Post Construction

Not all contractors clean up their mess after they're done revitalizing your space. Fortunately, Hocus Pocus Cleaning has deep clean specialists (DCS) specific to removing all dust and grime associated with renovations.

Image by krakenimages

Holiday Cleans

Special events produce special messes, and no one likes to clean up the mess that is left when the party’s over. Let Hocus Pocus Cleaning do all the hard work while you enjoy the after party vibes. Our cleaning specialists will provide exceptional services and leave your space entirely spotless.

Need Additional Services?

Valuing how precious time actually is, there is no opportune moment quite like today to secure the services of Hocus Pocus Cleaning. Allow our team to liberate you from the burden of mundane household tasks. Our comprehensive range of services are designed to restore your time and grant the freedom you deserve. With our exceptional team of dedicated cleaning technicians, you can always expect a meticulous and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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