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The Witching Hour

Think of our Witching Hour as our version of personal concierge services. These offerings aim to assist the dual-working household, the new moms, single dads, the elderly, or those temporarily disabled. These tasks include daily chores, home organization, travel planning, running errands, party planning, or anything else in which a household may need some extra help!

Hocus Pocus Cleaning Services is proud to be a one-stop shop for all things home help!

Image by Susan Wilkinson

One Hour Package

We offer light cleaning of high-traffic areas, tidying up kitchens and bathrooms, folding laundry, emptying or loading the dishwasher, changing linens, letting the pups out, or grocery/dry cleaning pick-up.

These services are offered for 1-5 days per week!

Two Hour Package

This package is for all the heavier household tasks that are always overlooked. Need to organize your pantry? Closets? What about the kids' playroom? Need to toss expired foods? What about cleaning out the fridge or oven?

We're here for 2 hours!

Image by Heather McKean
Image by Libby Penner

Three Hour Package

Need help prepping for a party? Packing boxes? Organizing attics or garages? This package works best for those huge projects that require extra help!

We're all yours for 3 hours!

Witching Hour Inquiries

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