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About Us

Hocus Pocus Cleaning Services represents a culture of community, whether that’s discounted services for those in need, contributions to local non-profit organizations, or unwavering support for other local businesses.



Hocus Pocus Cleaning Services was founded in 2016 and proudly celebrates six years of serving the Lehigh Valley. Hocus Pocus Cleaning Services was created by a social worker, so it's not surprising that our mission is to collectively empower women through team-building, and prioritizing mental health to ensure all women look and feel their best.


Our vision is to play a pivotal role in smoothly transitioning first-time homebuyers, new moms, dual-working households, empty-nesters, elderly, injured, or retired people. When considering mental health, research finds that those with a clean home also report lower levels of depression, anxiety, or other related mental health disorders!

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