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Hocus Pocus Cleaning Policies



After our office manager has verified and confirmed the date and time for your initial cleaning appointment, we kindly request a deposit to secure your reservation. This deposit will be applied towards the cost of the cleaning service. Failure to submit the deposit within 48 hours will result in the release of the scheduled date and time, allowing other individuals in need of initial services to provide themselves of the opportunity.

Flat Rates: When expressing interest in becoming a recurring member of our expanding family, our office manager will gladly provide you with a competitive flat-rate cost for cleaning your home on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Please note that we do not offer hourly rates for property maintenance, as our focus lies in delivering comprehensive and exceptional cleaning services.
Rapport: We make every effort to assign the same technicians to the same homes to foster rapport and establish a productive working relationship with homeowners. However, we acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances such as childcare obligations, illness, or car troubles may occasionally prevent us from maintaining consistent technician assignments.
Time Management: Our dedicated technicians approach each property on their schedule with the same level of care and attention, regardless of the order in which they are visited. It is important to note that our technicians may not always be aware of the conditions or circumstances of the property prior to yours on their schedule. Therefore, we kindly request your understanding and flexibility by allowing a one-hour window before or after your scheduled appointment time. This buffer allows us to address any unexpected surprises that may arise at previous homes, ensuring that we can deliver the highest quality service to you.
Efficiency: We kindly request your cooperation in tidying up the areas that we have agreed to clean. When toys, laundry, dishes, and other items are scattered about, it poses challenges for our team to effectively and efficiently service those areas. Our technicians take pride in their work and, if their schedule permits, they will do their best to tidy up essential spaces once the agreed-upon tasks are completed. Your assistance in maintaining a clean and organized environment greatly enhances our ability to provide you with the best possible service. For busy homeowners whose schedule doesn’t allow for pre-tidying, we are happy to provide it as a portion of our Witching Hour Package
Equipment: We recognize and respect that certain homeowners may have a preference for us to utilize their own equipment or cleaning products, such as personal vacuums or mops. However, it is important to note that our technicians are extensively trained in the proper use of our own products and equipment. Therefore, we kindly request that homeowners sign a waiver to acknowledge and accept that we are not liable for any damage or repairs that may occur in the event their cleaning equipment is damaged or if their preferred product causes harm to surfaces within the home. This waiver ensures a clear understanding of the responsibilities and limitations associated with the use of personal equipment and products.
Accessibility: To ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning experience, we kindly request that you provide access to your property either through a garage code, key, or physical presence during the scheduled appointment. Failure to provide access to the property will result in a $100 inaccessibility fee.

Inclement Weather: Please note that during the winter months, it is important for us to be informed in advance if our technicians will be able to safely carry their equipment onto your property without the risk of slipping on ice or snow. Failure to access the property due to unsafe conditions will also be subject to the same inaccessibility fee of $100.

Biohazards: Any home that requires us to clean up after rodents, infestations, blood, or bodily fluids left behind by pets or other animals are subject to a separate appointment specific to our Biohazard Cleaning Specialist. Our regular technicians are NOT equipped for these, nor are they certified in Biohazard Cleaning. These types of projects are not only a health risk for our employees, but it also puts the integrity of our cleaning equipment at risk.
Satisfaction guarantee: 
Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us at Hocus Pocus Cleaning. We take pride in delivering high-quality cleaning services and ensuring that every detail is taken care of. However, we understand that there may be instances where something may have been missed or you may have any concerns. If you find that anything was missed or if you are unsatisfied with our work for any reason, we kindly request that you contact our office within 24 hours. Our dedicated team will promptly address the issue and make every effort to correct any shortcomings. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continuously strive to improve our services and provide the best possible experience for our valued clients.
Payments: Invoices are sent by the end of the business day that services were rendered. Failure to successfully pay an invoice is subject to a $5/day late fee after 48 hours.
*Autopay: We are proud to offer a 5% autopay discount for those hoping to save some on their cleaning services with us. On the first day of every month, we automatically charge the card on file for the number of appointments for each specific month.​


If recurring maintenance services aren’t scheduled with Hocus Pocus Cleaning within one (1) month of the initial cleaning appointment, the project is subject will incur additional cleaning rates.


Recurring Client Cancellations

At Hocus Pocus Cleaning, we understand that unexpected situations may arise, requiring you to cancel a scheduled appointment. We strive to maintain a fair and transparent cancellation policy for our recurring clients. Please note the following guidelines regarding last-minute cancellations:

  • First: For the first last-minute cancellation made within 48 hours, we will handle it smoothly and without any charges.

  • Second: On the second last-minute cancellation made within 48 hours, we will automatically charge 50% of the appointment fee to the card on file.

  • Third: For the third last-minute cancellation, we will automatically charge 100% of the appointment fee to the card on file.

We value your recurring business and appreciate your understanding of the importance of honoring scheduled appointments. This policy allows us to better manage our schedule, ensure fairness to our team, and continue providing reliable service to all of our valued clients.

Recurring Client Cancellations

Additional Fees

Hocus Pocus Cleaning strives to provide consistent and reliable cleaning services for our recurring clients. We understand that there may be instances where a cleaning appointment needs to be skipped with more than 48-hour notice. In such cases, an additional fee will be added to your next cleaning to allow our technician more time to ensure the quality of your cleaning is not affected. Please find the price points below:

  • Weekly Clean: +$15

  • Biweekly Clean: +30

  • Monthly (every 4 weeks) Clean: +$50

These fees are implemented with the intention of maintaining the high standards of cleanliness and ensuring that your subsequent cleanings are thorough and satisfactory. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us provide the best possible service to you.

Additional Fees

Terminating Services

Hocus Pocus Cleaning understands that circumstances may change and you may need to terminate your recurring cleaning services with us. In order to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the stability of our team's schedules, we kindly request a fifteen (15) day notice for cancellation.


We take pride in providing consistent and reliable work for our technicians, and last-minute terminations can disrupt their weekly cleaning schedules. Therefore, failure to cancel services within the required notice period will result in charging the card on file for 100% of the recurring appointment fee that we have agreed upon.

Terminating Services
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