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Once our office manager confirms the initial cleaning appointment date and time, we require a deposit applicable to this cleaning- if a deposit isn’t made within 48 hours, we open up the scheduled date and time for others seeking initial services.

Upon request for becoming a recurring property within our ever-growing family, our office manager provides a flat-rate cost to clean your home on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. We do not offer hourly rates for property maintenance.

Rapport: We try our best to send the same technicians to the same homes to develop rapport and establish a working relationship with the homeowner. Due to issues related to childcare, illness, or car trouble, this is not always possible.

Time Management: Our technicians provide the same care and concern for all properties on their schedule, and do not always know the conditions of the property prior to yours on their schedule. Please allow a one-hour window before or after your scheduled appointment time, as previous homes may have unplanned surprises waiting for us.

Efficiency: Please try your best to tidy up areas that we have agreed to clean. When toys, laundry, dishes, etc. are strewn about, it hinders our ability to properly service these areas. Further, our techs pride themselves in tidying up needed spaces if their schedule allows it after the agreed-upon items are completed.

Equipment: We understand that some homeowners prefer we use their equipment or their products, including but not limited to personal vacuums or mops. Our technicians are expertly trained regarding our products and equipment, so we require that the homeowner signs a waiver acknowledging that we are not responsible for damage or repairs in the event their cleaning equipment is damaged or their preferred product damages surfaces within the home.

Accessibility: Please allow access to your property via garage code, key, or physical presence. Failure to access the property for appointment results in a $100 inaccessibility fee.

Note: During the winter months, please advise whether our technicians will have the ability to carry their equipment onto your property without slipping on ice or snow. Failure to access the property for the scheduled appointment is subject to the same inaccessibility fee.

Biohazards: Any home that requires us to clean up after rodents, infestations, blood, or bodily fluids left behind by pets or other animals are subject to a separate appointment specific to our Biohazard Cleaning Specialist. Our regular technicians are NOT equipped for these, nor are they certified in Biohazard Cleaning. These types of projects are not only a health risk for our employees, but it also puts the integrity of our cleaning equipment at risk.

Satisfaction guarantee: if anything was missed or you are unsatisfied for whatever reason, please contact our office within 24 hours so that we can correct our work.

Payments: Invoices are sent by the end of the business day that services were rendered. Failure to successfully pay an invoice is subject to a $5/day late fee after 48 hours.

Autopay: We are proud to offer a 5% autopay discount for those hoping to save some on their cleaning services with us. On the first day of every month, we automatically charge the card on file for the number of appointments for each specific month.​


If recurring cleans aren’t scheduled within one (1) month of the initial cleaning appointment, the project will incur additional initial cleaning rates.


Recurring Client Cancellations

First: For the first last-minute cancellation made within 48 hours is smooth sailing.

Second: On the second last-minute cancellation made within 48 hours results in automatically charging 50% of the appointment fee to the card on file.

Third: For the third last-minute cancellations, we are automatically charging 100% of the appointment fee to the card on file.

Recurring Client Cancellations

Additional Fees

When a recurring cleaning is skipped (with more than 48-hour notice), an additional fee will be added to your next leaning to allow the technician more time to ensure the quality of your cleaning is not affected. The price points are as follows:

Weekly clean: +$15​
Biweekly clean: +$30
Monthly clean: +$50.

Additional Fees

Terminating Services

 In the event that you wish to terminate recurring cleaning services with us, we require a fifteen (15) day notice. We take pride in providing consistent and stable work for our technicians, and last-minute terminations may hinder our team’s weekly cleaning schedules. Failure to cancel services within this time results in charging the card on file for 100% of the recurring appointment fee that we have agreed upon. 

Terminating Services
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