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Darian Arnold

Darian has been with us since early 2022, and it’s no wonder her clients adore her. Not only does she have a kind and caring energy, she’s also very aware of personal wellness and overall well-being, making her a great fit for our mission. It’s been a joy to work alongside her through the many phases of growth, and we hope you feel the same!

Meet Our Senior Technician

I’m Darian and although I’m young, I’ve worn many hats through my career thus far. I have experience in professional makeup, life coaching, photography, and social media management. I love bringing peace into my life and I’m currently in a program to become a yoga teacher!


If I’m doing anything outside of work, it’s going to concerts and eating good food. In the past, I’ve always switched jobs because of the repetition- but working here I’m able to travel as well as always be in a different environment multiple times a day! I love working here because I’m able to create relationships with clients, and they end up feeling like my family.  

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