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Kaleigh Moriarty,
Data & Analytics

Anyone ever wonder what it takes to be considered an expert in Excel spreadsheets and looking at data all day? Kaleigh is a pro at all things spreadsheets and all things automations. Once upon a time, spreadsheets for Hocus Pocus Cleaning did not exist. We are so thankful to have Kaleigh in the background, analyzing all numbers thrown her way!

Meet Our Data & Analytics Coordinator

Hey there, my name is Kaleigh! Born and raised in Massachusetts, and Boston will always be considered my home- no matter where I may find myself in the future.


My background is in early childhood education and photography. I love everything psychology and creative art! I was blessed to attend New England School of photography to help refine my skills, learn about business management, and start building my portfolio. After approximately a decade being a nanny and various childcare roles for families and daycares, I took a step back in 2015 to pursue additional education and certification to reach my ultimate goal of opening and running my own daycare/preschool. Despite being able to successfully position myself in the freelance photography realm, I have always considered myself a “helper”.


I will always be available to hold space and lend an ear to anyone who may need it. I have always been a loud advocate for mental health and the importance of having someone sit with you in the quiet times, and cheer for you during your wins. From a young age I have witnessed and experienced some incredibly life changing scenarios, but it will never stop me from going onward and upward- bringing along anyone else who needs that support as well.


The first thing that I noticed about Hocus Pocus Cleaning was how their powerful mission statement really focuses on the humanity of mental health and wellness. I have been incredibly lucky to help put all my nerdy knowledge and compassion for others to good use in my role and I will continue to grow. I am an open book, and only a message away!

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