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Kelsea Drozda, Operations

Watching Kelsea thrive from technician to supervisor to trainer- all the way through the ranks to becoming Hocus Pocus Cleaning’s Operations Manager has truly been one of the most remarkable rewards of building the company. When women thrive, the world thrives! We are truly blessed to have a dedicated manager like Kelsea.

Meet Our Operations Manager

My name is Kelsea and I am the Operations Manager here at Hocus Pocus Cleaning! I started here as a cleaning technician over 2 years ago, after gracing the fine corporation of Wawa for 6 years- during that time, I climbed the ranks to Shift Lead. When I’m not leading operations, I’m probably (most likely) at home, cuddled up with my cat Uber- watching the same 2 shows over and over (along with Giants Football!).


Leaving my comfort zone and embracing a total change of career at Hocus Pocus Cleaning was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As the Operations Manager, I manage the team’s cohesion, as well as perform Quality Control (QC) among our ever-growing list of residential and commercial properties. I most recently began participating in a mastermind circle with Core Profit Builders, to ensure confidence in my leadership position as well as create success-driven goals within my role here.

Between continuing to see all of my regular clients who have slowly turned into family, not being stuck in the same four walls each day for 8+ hours, interacting with this amazingly empowering team, and basking in the flexibility that comes with the position, I couldn’t be happier here! 

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