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Conquer Your To-Do List with The Witching Hour - Hourly Cleaning Services!


We've locked down the weekly and biweekly chores in your home, and we are pleased to offer DAILY chores! The Witching Hour aims to assist the dual-working household, the new moms, the single dads, the disabled, and the elderly- ANYONE who may need an extra set of hands around the home. 


One-hour options: 

  • Light cleaning of high-traffic areas
  • Tidying up kitchens and bathrooms
  • Picking up toys
  • Folding laundry, starting laundry
  • Emptying or loading the dishwasher
  • Changing linens
  • Letting the pups out
  • Grocery or dry cleaning pickup and drop-off


Need More Than One Hour? Here's What 2-3 Hours Get You!

  • Party set up
  • Party break down
  • Organize attic
  • Organize basement

Hocus Pocus Witching Hour: Hourly Cleaning Services for Everyday Chores

  • Contact our office at 484-554-3218 to schedule your Witching Hour!

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