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Rosie Selvaggio, Founder

Rosie Selvaggio was just 25 years old when Hocus Pocus Cleaning came into existence. Craving freedom and flexibility as a young mom and college student, she created a position that eased her anxious mind, and provided a sense of calm and mindfulness in her work. 

All About Our Founder

In 2016, I was a young mom pursuing a degree to become a mental health therapist while working in restaurants at night. I had very little flexibility to spend time with my daughter, or do things I enjoyed. Cleaning became a source of peace for me, as I had grown up helping my mom and nanny with household chores.


In 2013, I was hired by a number of local contractors to provide post-construction cleaning services, and considered this “side hustle” enough to register as a business. I started Hocus Pocus Cleaning to support myself through school. Despite initial challenges (there’s been many!), I learned from failures and grew the business.


When COVID hit in 2020, we faced uncertainty but eventually experienced a surge in clients. I had the choice of shutting down as I graduated graduate studies, but took the leap to where we are now.


Today, Hocus Pocus Cleaning has won multiple awards, employs 20 amazing employees, and serves over 250 clients. I am no longer in the field, but focus on leading and supporting our team. In my spare time, I coach other cleaning business owners nationally, and practice mental health therapy part-time. We prioritize work-life balance, education, and mental health, making a positive impact on our community.

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